The celts and Pottery

The Celts and Potteryimages
In the temperate woodlands of Europe north of the alps around 5000BC .Groups of migrant hunter gathers formed them selves into small communities and villages across western Europe as far as the Balkans. These tribes would eventually be known as the Cauls,Slavs, Germans and Celts.ch799ts
hunting and fishing were the main priorities of these people rather than agriculture right up to the 2nd millennium up to the roman conquest and christian era, although pottery and figurines were being made predating 4000BC. Any effective power was small and tribal as warlords controlled these small groups. these warlords controlled the trade routes, mining, and farmland. Small but wealthy metal working villages were scattered across Europe and different religions started to develop. there is very little known about these as the tribes only past on though oral communication as very little was written down. Written accounts of pre roman Europe only came from the romans and greeks themselves, who unfairly suggested that these tribes were primitive people. which as we know now was very inaccurate.ch704s
The pottery from Neolithic temperate Europe is similar to other pottery world wide at this time, apart from south east Asia, as these were far ahead making and firing techniques. Most of the pottery from temperate Europe was made by pinching, coiling and pressing and fired in bonfires or pits, with any decoration being scratching ,marking , gouging or pressing with shells etc. It is still not possible to ascertain the development and evolution of pottery design and making styles from exchange though out neolithic and bronze-age western Europe.ch708s However, there are many examples of pottery which archaeologists have found that enables research from prehistoric sites, to enable study of differing styles practiced in Europe before the romans.

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